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Yes, we were kidnapped on the way to the Dentist in Mexico

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large_Merida_door_g.jpgOkay. So I know a few of you warned us of kidnappings in Mexico. And I have been pretty
cavalier about any concerns regarding that possibility. But, believe it or not, we were
victims of a kidnapping right here in Merida, Mexico!!!!

One morning, we set out from our hotel in search of a dentist office because I had lost a filing
in my tooth during our Caribbean cruise. I had been munching on a bagel in Barbados when it happened.
I suppose it's a "pirate thing" to lose teeth now and then so I thought of it as an enhancement
to the pirate-fantasy delirium I was in at the time.

Nonetheless, my wife being the good wife that she is, pressed me to somehow deal with the lost
filing. My dentist in the U.S. emailed me with simple, reassuring advice that I could find
a dentist in Mexico to take care of it. But who would that be? And what would be the cost?

As it so happens, we were on our way to the city of Merida which the Internet states is a well
known city for 'Medical Tourism'. Apparently many Americans travel there to get large dental work
done at the fraction of the cost in the States, unbeknownst to us.

Strangely enough I thought it lucky to have lost my filing and now it was just a matter of finding
a good dentist.
In 10 minutes walking time, we arrived at a dental office just outside the main area but was
disappointed to see that it was closed. "Oh well", I thought. "Let's just walk around this
neighborhood anyway", I said to Andrea. We literally walk perhaps 20 paces, turn a corner and
past an open cafe where two women were speaking. We continued walking down the street a few steps
and I stopped to look at my map when one of the ladies pops out and asks, "Where are you from?"

To make this long story short, we learned she is a Mexican-American originally from Texas who
bought several homes in the area and now works as a property manager, sales manager, tourist guide,
Spanish teacher and potential Merida mayoral candidate. With her whirlwind like demeanor, we soon
found ourselves touring her lovely homes and taken for a ride in her car and shown parts of the city.
When I mentioned my dental needs, she called and made an appointment for me at the "best dentist
in Merida". About an hour later, I was in the dentist chair getting a new filing which cost a
grand total of $37 dollars U.S. I paid with my credit card so I could get the frequent flyer
miles as well! Chew on that for a second! lol

Afterwards, Andrea and I walked back to her house (Maria) and planned to take her and her husband
out to lunch to thank them. Instead, she pulled a "fast one", and made us eat their delicious
lunch they had just prepared.

We talked for awhile and find that Maria has many great contacts in the city and we are grateful
that she will be helping us find a place to stay here for awhile.
Finally, we were "let go" from our kidnapping ordeal which cost us a grand total of $37 dollars
and included free lunch.

So we want to thank those of you who told us to be mindful of the kidnappings in Mexico. We are
more mindful now and hope more kidnappings occur in the near future. :)

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