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Reinvention is Serious Business

by Andrea

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Caribbean breeze
Breaking waves
Finely-sifted sand like powder, that sticks to everything
I dig my toes into its cool softness
I feel a vibration of music thumping
as I try to listen to my soul's desires
Reinvention is serious business.

I used to sit in my backyard garden in Oakland
often pondering what to do with my life.
Now I'm lying on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, still asking similar questions.
In a different country, with no house or job, there is nothing else to distract myself with.
Nothing else needs to be done.
Only to be present, and notice everything I can, while listening for my clues.

It may seem like a vacation - just lying on the beach...but long-term travel brings you face-to-face with who you really are. Both the good, and the challenging parts. I don't mind staying in hotels or rentals though they do vary in quality and location. The limited wardrobe is working okay though I have added a sundress, sarong, and minor items. The challenge is keeping the load light! I don't get enough veggies or fruit every day, and tend to get constipated in new places (tmi?).

The real 'new work' is very much MENTAL for me. As the saying goes, 'wherever you go, there you are'. Here in the Yucatan, my sneaky irrational fears continue to follow me. My reinvention consists of replacing behaviors that are negative, with positive which I now get to practice in new and foreign places. The ultimate goal being to discover what I want to do for my second act, and continue develop the qualities to become the person I really want to be.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • being more involved in our travel planning
  • staying present (hello meditation, breathing, & yoga practice) to help tame fear & anxiety
  • Trying new things and meeting new people
  • Re-reading an e-book or other tools from my friend Tess, a passionate coach and author who helps you face your fears and create the life you want.

Every day is a new adventure, to explore, try something new, replace fear with excitement, share, and enjoy. After three months, I know which weaknesses clearly need strength training applied, to build more confident, and pro-active travel muscles.

Most people on this beach are sitting with families or friends, talking, reading, eating, drinking soda or cerveza, swimming, walking, or sleeping. I lay here brushing away this fine, sticky sand, writing with a leaky pen, listening for any clues the Caribbean breeze may whisper.

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Hi A! I can certainly relate to the mental part of changes. I know you are doing great, though, and making new friends. Your adventures are fun to read. Send some of that sun our direction! xo H

by theflipflopwife

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