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Food on the Road

by Andrea


During the U.S. road trip portion of our travels, one afternoon we picked up sandwiches at Subway. Neither of us had been to a Subway in years, now we remember why. My turkey sandwich was tolerable but I did not like my choice of the honey-oat bread. I have often had better sandwiches at deli counters in a market. Another time we stopped for coffee at a 'Service Stop' Dunkin Donuts. The cup of dark roast I ordered was barely warm, and I made the mistake of ordering it with their prepared cream and sugar, instead of adding it myself. (Aint gonna be dunkin any donuts anytime soon, and we may be taking subways, but not eating at any.)

On the flip-side, sometimes we discover new places, like 'Spotters' in downtown Baton Rouge (which we already mentioned in an earlier post) with healthy, local menu's and reasonable prices.

I'm continually trying to make healthy food choices most of the time, without a kitchen of my own. When we stay somewhere for a few days, or a week, we'll go to a market and pick up items such as; cereal, rice milk, fruit, yogurt, prepared salads or wraps, wine, and sometimes sushi. When we have a kitchenette available, I make my own salads. I did buy a bag of SunChipsĀ® in Florida which I had never tried until Adam shared them with us. (Chips are my weakness.)

A few ideas I tried that came out good, were:

  • spreading avocado on a bagel
  • I topped a waffle from the Waffle House (take-out) with plain yogurt and strawberries
  • if we have a blender, we make smoothies with frozen fruit, yogurt, and rice milk
  • sometimes I buy a jar of peanut butter and spread it on apple slices, celery, bread, or a rice cake (I love peanut butter)
  • I always try to keep a bag of trail mix handy as it has proven to take the edge off hunger.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome you to comment any good healthy-eating-while-traveling tips you may have.

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