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Half Way Point Between Everywhere and Nowhere

by GandA

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Today marks six months since we left Oakland. It's hard for me to believe that much time has already passed, yet at the same time, we have seen and done much.
Six months ago we couldn't have imagined we'd spend over two months in Yucatan, Mexico, buy a house in Merida, complete with an awesome community of new friends.
We've been to some great cities, and parks from California to Florida, and have been fortunate to visit friends and family along the way.
Now we are making our way to Boston. Flying to Iceland, and planning a four-month stay in Europe, while starting renovations on the Merida house which the amazing, and talented Maria Elena will be managing in our absence.

This is George chiming in: Has it been 6 months already? It will be difficult to sum up the experience but here goes..

There is incredible beauty on this planet. From the million year old stalagmites and stalactites lying a mile deep in a huge cavern to the towering rock formations in Monument Valley. Beautiful sunsets from the western edges of the Yucatan, Mexico to Savannah, Georgia, to the magnificent sunrises from Arizona to the Caribbean Sea. The feeling of sand beneath your feet as you stroll beside a large body of water to the feeling of silky, cool cenote water wrapping your body. The natural world is full of wonders and beauty that come with no price tag and is readily around us if we just take a moment to stop and look. However, I would now say that the most indelible memories thus far are the feelings associated with re-connecting and connecting with beautiful people. The most luminous visions in my mind now are the ones where I've greeted, hugged and kissed old and new friends throughout these travels. There is something precious about the honest extended hand shake or the warm embrace saying "hello" or "See you later". I more readily smile and try to strike up a conversation with strangers now. And when they don't respond in kind or they frown or are silent I don't get disappointed. I just think they are unhappy at the moment and I just move on to some other positive thought.

I am glad and honored that we have remained healthy and safe throughout this journey and can only thank the unseen powers that look out for us on the roads, in the air and on the water.
I am grateful that technology is so readily available in my hand that allows me to reserve rooms, airline tickets etc. with a single, immediate touch.
I am gratified to see how my wife blooms from time to time turning from her old way of thinking to becoming a more thoughtful person aware of her surroundings, the changing landscape and the new, unknown possibilities that exist with each new day.

Spring is here and we are soon off to Europe to greet old friends and make new friends. (Normally I would have put the word 'perhaps' between the words 'and' and 'make' in that sentence but I guess I've become more confident in making a truthful statement! lol

Today, like nearly all other days the past 6 months, holds much unknowns. We will see new, different things today. Discover some new historical detail about this place and eat/drink at the 'Who Knows Where' Restaurant/Diner/Cafe.
But let us take this time now to thank all of you who have helped us get to this point. To our families and friends (new and old) we thank you for guiding us, emboldening us, advising us, recommending to us, opening your homes to us, thinking of us, feeding us, looking out for us, and loving us. Without that, this trip would be not as memorable.

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