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Snow in Springtime

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Yesterday we made it Boston, our last stop on the road trip portion for now.

We experienced the George Washington Bridge with its expensive toll, and lots of traffic.

I am sitting at a small table near a window, in our nice suite here in Winthrop. And look, it's still snowing!


George here: Yes it is snowing in Boston! lol Well, that doesn't surprise the locals who are very much sick of all the snow. To Andrea and I, it looks quite beautiful but that's because we hadn't seen much of it until now. Today we have to stay inside most of the time because it is cold and snowing. That's find for about a day but I would go nuts if it lasted for months like it has here.

I found a place for us to stay in the Winthop area, named for Governor Winthrop founder of Boston. I learned quite a bit about Gov. Winthrop after finding our Gov. Winthrop Secretary hutch a few years in Oakland. It's funny how things come full circle. I took a 15 minute walk and found a sign pointing to a site that used to be where Winthrop once lived.

It's also been very warm in California so I am told. I think we can now say that we understand the weather extremes of both coasts. Which one to choose? A snowy-forever in Boston or the drought-sunshine of California? Before leaving California, I dreamed of making a film and calling it 'Another Sunny Day'. It would have been a horror film about the future. I would imagine that many people here in Boston would move to California in a heartbeat but then that would just add to the problem of overpopulation there wouldn't it?

Anyway, I don't think I would have survived a winter here in Boston. Call me a "wuss" or whatever but I don't care. I like being outside and so does the wife. Let's just keep that in mind shall we?

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