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Prepare for Blastoff

George Reporting

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Tomorrow we head off to Iceland which has been
described as an otherworldly planet.

That thought makes this night before "liftoff"
very exciting for both of us but my imagination
seemingly has gone into overdrive.

I prepare for tomorrow's flight as if I'm going
to Mars. I've already experienced what an actual
liftoff from Cape Canaveral feels like and I've
trained my mind and body in the jungles of the
Yucatan. I've visited alien sites in Roswell
and ancient Mayan dwellings in Chichen Itza. I
feel as if blasting off to Mars is actually my
ultimate calling in life.

I was born in a time when the Space Age was in
full bloom and newspapers and the TV were filled
with reports of the latest space adventure by
the bravest of people.

My lovely sister and some friends have been
sending us pics of Iceland and it does look
otherworldly. I've rather enjoyed finding gear
here in Boston to prepare for the cold experience.
Mostly I've really enjoyed imagining what a trip to
another world would be like.
So tonight I go through a special ritual to help
get my mind and body ready for blastoff.
Although the flight is only 4 hours and Iceland is
about as cold as Boston is right now, I hear David Bowie's
'Space Oddity' and Elton John's 'Rocket Man' playing
bongo earworms in my head. Silently, I pay homage
to the brave Challenger Space shuttle astronauts
as well as to other historic figures who ventured into
the unknown to discover something new and exciting
and perhaps didn't return. I think of our ancient ancestors who left Africa
to venture boldly into new parts of the Earth.
And now we leave Boston, birthplace
of Leonard Nimoy, our hands frozen in 'Live Long and Prosper' pose.

My skin feels fresh, the air going through my nose is
full and clear. Fear, is a funny, distasteful
memory now akin to the time we got pulled
over by a clown-cop in a speed trap in New Mexico.

The Icelandic world beckons before us like Mars and our
plane tickets look as monumental as Saturn V rockets!

I know this all seems over-dramatic and even
silly to those who have already been there but as I approach
50 years on this planet, opportunities to feel like
a kid again just don't come around that often.

So my friends and family....it is time to take that giant
leap into a new unknown. And with each step we take our thoughts
of you with us. May our eyes be your eyes, our ears your ears as
we take the space walk through the land of fire and ice.
More importantly, as our compradre Ferris Bueller once said, "Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Note: These pics were pulled off the web. We will post our own later but don't be disappointed if ours don't compare to these.

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